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Connect What Matters Most with Our Service Management & Scheduling Software

Your business is made up of so many moving parts: professionals out in the field, dispatchers in the office and supervisors on the go. How can you stay on top of your workforce while creating connections with your customers?

3C Connect service management software seamlessly unites your Customers, Coworkers and Company giving you more opportunities to focus on the sustainable growth of your business. 3C Connect is more than just employee scheduling software: it integrates scheduling with pricing, billing, inventory, training, maintenance agreements, customer records, and more. It is a no-cost software and mobile app that will help you streamline and grow your home service company.

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Zero-Cost HVAC Business Building Software

Featuring a comprehensive technician dashboard, you can locate your professionals, see what they're doing and instantly adjust their workload.

  • Impress new customers
  • Customize calendar boards
  • Quickly send jobs to the iPad mobile app

By adding a small amount to each invoice using the built-in Cost Recovery Plus feature, 3C Connect can easily be set to pay for itself.

What Sets Our HVAC Software Apart

  • Employee tracking & scheduling
  • Parts & replenishment program (automatic parts replenishing with distributor)
  • Easy-to-use software with fast implementation. We can have you up and running in a few days!
  • Developed by contractors for contractors
  • Price book & flat rate pricing with Quickbooks integration
  • Technical training videos
  • Powerful business reporting tools

High-quality troubleshooting is right at your fingertips directly within our iPad app. Click below to learn more about our HVAC software. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our service company software or request a demo.


Tech Troubleshooting Videos

Far-Reaching Results

Build Customer Relationships

Keep a comprehensive roster of sites and systems under a customer’s profile. Set up new service agreements, keep track of new sales opportunities and schedule follow-up reminders.

Build Your Team

Improve the quality of communication between dispatchers, technicians and administrators. Use inline notes to provide important details. Track & review service quality to provide incentives.

Build Your Bottom Line

Track technician and company performance in key areas. Streamline your entire process, from scheduling the first appointment to tracking service agreements.

Pinpointed Locations

Anytime Updates

Does your customer need an ETA? Use our location tracking tools to get quick and accurate details about your technicians and sales force even when they’re unavailable.

Plan Efficient Routes

Amplify your scheduling efficiency by locating the closest technician to the job. Give your customers timely service and avoid excess travel time by planning out the best routes.

Evolve the Way You Connect with Our HVAC Software

Improve Marketing Accuracy

Tag customers interested in products throughout the year to generate targeted marketing lists at no cost. Pull in-depth sales & performance reports for your company and technicians.

Capture Valuable Insight

Collect important information from technicians to help customers make the best choices, even when offline in areas with limited connectivity. Record severity of repairs, attach photos and more.

Effortless Inventory System

Automate price & product updates from your chosen distributor with a fully-customizable Flat Rate system including consistent pricing of Non-Stock part repairs out in the field to maintain company-approved margins.

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