About Us

HVAC Business & Technical Institute was founded in 2009 by a group of people in the HVAC contracting industry who believe that state-of-the-art technical training and cutting-edge business solutions are necessary for the growth of the industry and each contractor within it. We each have 25-35+ years of experience in HVAC and have made enough mistakes over the years to know what not to do. We have built on our successes to create the programs that we offer today. Whether it is our technical training, our mobile app, or our business coaching, we are constantly improving and adapting to the changing market to ensure that we bring you the best practices that will work for you.

If you are looking for an HVAC training course or HVAC business coaching, please call us at (888) 233-9243 or visit the HVAC Business & Technical Institute website.


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About Our Mobile App

3C Connect service management software seamlessly unites your customers, coworkers, and company, giving you more opportunities to focus on the sustainable growth of your business. 3C Connect is more than just an HVAC scheduling app (although it does have incredibly useful scheduling capabilities): it integrates scheduling with pricing, billing, inventory, training, maintenance agreements, customer records, and more. It is a no-cost residential and commercial HVAC software and mobile app that will help you streamline and grow your home service company.

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