Field Service Management Software

Finding the right software for your field service-based business can be overwhelming. Perhaps you have tried a few only to come away feeling disappointed. If so, it’s time to try 3C Connect field service management software, which is designed to help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your company.

How can you decline the chance to streamline and grow your business at no cost to you? Keep reading to learn what 3C Connect can do for your home service company, or contact us today to set up your demo!

Benefits of 3C Connect Field Service Management Software

Here are the top reasons why so many business owners pick 3C Connect as their software of choice:

  • Quick setup and implementation: Software is no good if it takes weeks or even months to set up. Complicated software also makes it more difficult to add new technicians to your team without extensive and costly training. Rest assured that we can have 3C Connect up and running in just a few days to minimize the implementation period.
  • Cost recovery: Cost Recovery Plus makes our field service management software a no-cost solution for you. This built-in feature of 3C Connect automatically passes on upfront and monthly membership costs to your customers, essentially making this software free to use while improving your bottom line with increased efficiency and profitability.

Features of Our Field Service Management Software

3C Connect helps small businesses improve efficiency and productivity. Consider everything you get from 3C Connect:

  • Inventory management: With automated product updates available within the app, managing your inventory is a breeze! After each job, technicians report what parts they used, which are subtracted from the digital inventory sheet. When supplies begin to deplete, the app requests your approval to place an order and replenish the stock. Never again will your technicians arrive onsite without the proper parts.
  • Technician scheduling and routing: The comprehensive technician dashboard at the heart of our field service management software helps dispatchers, technicians, and customers alike. Your office staff can track field workers and adjust their workloads in real time to make room for emergency calls and maximize routing efficiency at a glance. This streamlines the work and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Invoicing and payments with QuickBooks integration: If you crave quick, simple, and consistent pricing, this feature of our field service management software will be among your favorites. The built-in, flat-rate price book lists the correct service charge right on the technician’s iPad to eliminate guesswork in the field. Then, QuickBooks integration saves time and avoids confusion in the back office.
  • Training resources: Want to give your technicians a better chance of diagnosing problems correctly the first time around? 3C Connect features a library of training videos and technical troubleshooting resources that technicians can view out in the field on an iPad.
  • Customer management: When your customers’ histories are just a click away, it’s easy to market preventative maintenance plans effectively. The system also automatically bills customers appropriately based on their membership status.
  • Business reporting tools: Our field service management software doesn’t just allow you to improve day-to-day efficiency—it also provides you with business reporting tools to analyze your performance more deeply. Break down sales by month, technician, type of sale, and more. With this relevant, in-depth, and easy-to-access information, you can optimize the long-term operations of your business.

3C Connect Field Service Management Software

With the comprehensive features and benefits of 3C Connect, there’s no need to look elsewhere for field service management software. Our customer-specific, technician-focused software is a top pick for field service businesses nationwide.

If you’re ready to tap into newfound efficiency and profitability, please contact us and schedule a free demo of 3C Connect today.