HVAC Invoicing Software: 3C Connect

Our HVAC Software Streamlines Your Business & Pays for Itself!

You want to handle your HVAC business’s invoicing and billing with maximum efficiency and accuracy. To do this, choose 3C Connect’s powerful HVAC billing software for its invoicing and billing capabilities. But 3C Connect is more than just a billing and invoicing software: additional key features include exceptionally fast set-up time, an inventory management system, scheduling functionalities, technician-focused user-experience and development, training resources, and more!

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Residential & Commercial HVAC CRM Software

3C Connect is a powerful platform that allows for efficient and effective customer management. Every customer’s appointment and equipment history are just a click away. You can see who has preventive maintenance agreements and who doesn’t—and the pricing pulled up in the mobile HVAC invoice app for the technician in the field reflects that.

On top of this, 3C Connect has a built-in flat-rate price book. This makes billing quick, simple, and consistent for your techs in the field. And remember, maintenance agreement status is always accounted for in this pricing.

QuickBooks HVAC Software Integration

It is essential that HVAC billing software streamlines efficiency and effectiveness in your invoicing and payments. One key way this happens in through integration with whatever payment software your company uses. 3C Connect synchronizes with QuickBooks. You will simply choose items from your 3C Connect database and auto-sync them for effortless bookkeeping.

More Than Just an HVAC Billing & Invoicing Software

3C Connect has a wide range of features that can make it the best HVAC software for your business. Read about many of those important features here. Invoicing and billing is just the start of our capabilities, as we add value to your business with much more than that. Our technician-focused functionality, fast set-up time, inventory management, scheduling and invoicing capabilities, training resources, no-cost system, and more make us an excellent choice for businesses across the country. Our software app can work on iPads or other mobile devices in the field.

Our No-Cost Software Is Virtually Free!

On top of all of these great features, we make it easy to get all the benefits of a top-notch HVAC software without having your wallet take a big hit. 3C Connect is a no-cost system with Cost Recovery Plus. Cost Recovery Plus will pass all membership and setup costs (including tablet expenses) directly to your clients. This is done by automatically adding these costs directly to the service repairs on each invoice, making 3C Connect a no-cost program for you. Time and time again we see our customers ecstatic that the software pays for itself over time, essentially making our HVAC service software free. 3C Connect is an excellent choice of HVAC software for small businesses and can be used by residential and commercial HVAC companies who want to better manage maintenance contractors and customers.

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The list of 3c Connect’s benefits for HVAC contractors goes on and on. To sum it up: we make managing your business easier.

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