HVAC Inventory Management Software

Managing and replenishing your inventory can be a huge hassle as a residential or commercial HVAC contractor. Fortunately, 3C Connect is here to help you streamline your inventory management process.

3C Connect is a type of HVAC parts supply software that simplifies various aspects of your business for improved efficiency and profitability. The goal of our HVAC service software is to seamlessly unite your customers, coworkers, and company, so you have more opportunities to grow your business. Learn more about our HVAC inventory tracking software to see what it can do for your small business.

Parts & Replenishment Program with 3C Connect

Inventory management and parts replenishment are a breeze with 3C Connect. Automated pricing and product updates from your chosen distributor appear within the app. Then, you can fully customize the flat rate system, including consistent pricing of non-stock parts and repairs performed out in the field. This maintains company-approved margins without slowing down the work.

After each job, technicians report the parts they used, which are subtracted from the digital inventory sheet. When supplies reach a certain threshold, an order is automatically placed with your approval to replenish the stock. This way, the parts your team needs arrive at your door before your supplies are depleted, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. And all you have to do is press a button!

More Than Just HVAC Inventory Software

There’s no doubt that automated inventory management is convenient and stress-free, but 3C Connect can do so much more! For a flat monthly rate, you get access to numerous other features, including:

  • Technician scheduling: The technician dashboard makes it easy to locate professionals out in the field, see what they’re doing, and instantly adjusts their workload. Communication also improves thanks to inline notes dispatchers can leave for technicians. You can even tie the scheduling feature to metrics and reports that help you gauge performance and offer incentives.
  • Built-in price book: With this feature of our HVAC service software, pricing in the field becomes quick, simple, and consistent. Technicians confidently charge the right price based on the flat rate that appears on their iPad, and you keep your company’s bottom line in check.
  • QuickBooks integration: Save time and avoid confusion with QuickBooks. 3C Connect integrates smoothly with this payment software so you can avoid the dreaded duplicate entries.
  • Training: The included library of training videos and technical troubleshooting resources gives your technicians a better chance of diagnosing problems on their first attempt. They can view these out in the field on their iPad.
  • Customer management: With 3C Connect, every customer’s history is just a click away. Technicians can see who has a preventative maintenance agreement and who doesn’t. This makes it possible to market maintenance plans effectively. Customer-specific pricing also automatically reflects the appropriate bill based on membership status.

3C Connect HVAC Stock Management Software

With all of these great features and benefits, you might worry about the costs you’ll incur by adopting this software for your business. Our intent is to make HVAC inventory control software as affordable as possible.

That’s why 3C Connect is available as a no-cost system thanks to the built-in Cost Recovery Plus feature. This automatically passes on upfront and monthly membership costs to your customers, essentially making this software free for you. Time and time again, we see Cost Recovery Plus offsetting the investment cost of 3C Connect. Then, the software itself improves efficiency and profitability for a healthier bottom line!

When you’re ready to experience 3C Connect for yourself, please contact us and schedule a free demo.