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What Makes 3C Connect Stand Alone? It’s Created by Contractors, For Contractors & Has A Fast Set-Up Time

Among the pitfalls of other HVAC software, two big things have stuck out to us:

  1. HVAC software is oftentimes not created by contractors, so the functionality is not always optimized for the everyday needs of HVAC service.
  2. Set up and implementation time can take weeks (or longer).

3C Connect HVAC software stands apart because of its easy-to-use and multi-faceted nature. It was created by contractors, so we have the features you need to streamline your business, as well as features to help you keep getting better—like technical training videos.

Additionally, your software can be up in running in days. Because of the fast set-up time combined with our fast implementation, you can reap the benefits of our software quickly. Plus, because of our no-cost system, the software pays for itself. Our HVAC software is especially popular for small businesses because of the functionality and set-up time.


Key Benefits to Our HVAC Software

  • Employee scheduling, routing, and tracking
  • Integration of scheduling, pricing, billing, inventory, training, maintenance agreements, customer records, and more
  • No-cost system
  • Customer management
  • Built-in, flat-rate pricing
  • Inventory management and parts replenishment program (automatic parts replenishing with distributor)
  • Price book & flat rate pricing with Quickbooks integration
  • Technical training videos
  • Powerful business reporting tools

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your HVAC business, choosing and implementing the right HVAC software can make a big difference. Read our list of things to consider when looking for the best HVAC software in 2018 here.

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